PARTY!!! 10th Anniversary IAE Toulouse Masters Gala 2013

It was a semi-busy weekend for me. My masters program celebrated it’s 10th year and my mates and I took it as our informal “it’s the end of univ” party! I’m pretty sure everybody else in my masters group did too.

We had a cocktail on Friday which I didn’t attend…had to get my hair did 😉 #blackgirlproblems

Saturday we had a conference with alumni and the masters professional partners. First it was yawn, then it got interesting, then BREAK, then yawn again then interesting. Then I got to talk into a microphone, YaY!

I just love talking into mics, don’t you? No? Oh Okay…

Then I had lunch with old friends I have been fortunate to know since 2010 🙂

IAE Toulouse Masters Gala 2013

Awaiting dinner at the IAE Toulouse Masters Gala 2013

Later in the evening it was PARTY TIME!


It was our gala 🙂 This was a really cool night.


Hotel d’Assezat_Patrice-Nin_Ville de Toulouse

We had dinner in the Hotel d’Assezat – built during the Renaissance in 1555 to be exact. I thought that was pretty cool. One slight downer though…the main course was really shocking. It was so small…like there was nothing on the plate!

Yea Yea Yea I’m Diedre McGreedy but seriously!

Courtyard of the Hotel d'Assezat in Toulouse, France. #travelwanderwish

Courtyard of the Hotel d’Assezat in Toulouse, France.

All in all, it was a fun fun fun! night. Seeing our professors dance it up as the students got drunker and drunker. We had some really great wine and champagne was à volonté (open bar)!

This is what happens when there is open bar, champagne and Master’s graduates in the same place at the same time…
IAE Toulouse Masters Gala 2013.jpg
Allez Toulouse!


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